Delivery Barcode Scanning

Role: Lead Researcher and Designer. 


Medly pharmacy’s delivery department is dedicated to providing patients with exceptional service. In 2020, I was tasked with designing our internal delivery software that would help create a seamless workflow for our employees. In 2021, as the company continued to grow, there was a need to physically restructure the delivery department in order to better handle the increase in deliveries. This also included updating our existing software to incorporate barcode scanning so that we have an accurate location record of all deliveries and their current status.

My Role: 

  • Collaborated with product management to gather requirements.
  • Conducted user research.
  • Conducted usability testing.
  • Designed the product end to end. 
  • Design QA.

Delivery Department Workflow 

The delivery department has been broken into several roles and steps in order to successfully make a delivery. Once a delivery has been successfully scheduled by our PX APP or through one of our B2C tools, that information then goes into our delivery database to start the delivery workflow.

The first step in the new barcode process is packing all “pharmacist verified” prescriptions into a “shipment” and assigning that shipment a a barcode number. An associate would then use the “sort tool” to put all of the “shipments” onto shelves and scan their location. Once that is complete and the prescription is ready to be delivered, an associate will use our “route prep tool” to find and pack all the prescriptions that will be delivered on the same route. Once all prescriptions are prepped, the associate would then scan the bag that they were all placed in. When the driver arrives to pick up the prescriptions, the associate would scan the driver’s bag and finish the checkout process. If a driver returns with some failed delivers an associate will scan those in and the process will restart.



Physical Changes in The Pharmacy

Below are the before and after of the physical changes that happened in the pharmacy due to the addition of barcode scanning. Previously, we would arrange the prescriptions that are “ready for delivery” on an alphabetical hanging system (which sometimes led to misplaced prescriptions). With the new digital barcode workflow in place, we added bins to optimize space and keep the prescriptions organized.





Below are the lo-fi wireframes for the “Route Prep” tool.

Hi-Fi Wireframes 

Below are screenshots of the “Route Prep” and “Sort tool”. 

Post Lauch Results 

– Reduced  unnecessary physical movement of RXs in the pharmacy.
– Increased ease of finding an RX in the pharmacy.
– Reduced the number of misplaced RXs.
– Ensured that our drivers have the correct RXs before leaving the pharmacy.