Patient Experience App 

Role: Lead Researcher and Designer. 



Medly pharmacy is a digital pharmacy that offers same day prescription delivery. In 2019 when I joined, the different departments were using “Slack” as their main means of communication for coordinating deliveries. To schedule an order, our customer service representatives didn’t have a single platform where they could go and view all of the information needed, which resulted in a frustrating employee experience. The lack of having all information in one place also resulted in data discrepancies and didn’t allow the company to reliably keep track of all the deliveries that were scheduled.  


My Role

 At the time, I was the only product person and designer at the company so I was tasked with: 

  • Working closely with stakeholders to gather requirements.

  • Conducting stakeholder discovery workshops.

  • Conducting user research.

  • Conducting usability testing.

  • Validating stakeholder assumptions.

  • Designing the product end to end.



The main persona this app was being designed for was our PX agent representatives. After extensive interviews and observations I learned their current workflow and identified areas of improvement. 


User Flows

I created a  user flow and reviewed it with stakeholders before starting to create lo-fi wireframes.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Based on the user research and stakeholder discussions I created lo-fi wireframes so that there was a visual representation to work off of and bring to stakeholder brainstorming sessions.

User Testing

Since this application was designed to mirror the ideal Patient Experience Agent’s workflow, when user testing I created a prototype and asked several users to perform their daily tasks using the new app. Through asking questions and observational testing I learned a lot of valuable insights that I  incorporated into the higher fidelity wireframes. 

High-Fi Wireframes

Below is a screenshot of the main scheduling page that was designed.

(Due the application being very large and containing several pages I only highlighted the main scheduling page below. )





Post- Launch 

  • Rolled out in 30+ Pharmacy Locations.

  • Decreased the time spent on deliveries scheduled by 50%.

  • Increased the amount of daily deliveries by 50%.